Hyena cub

This is one of two brown hyena cubs that have been viewed at a den site with their extended family.  Brown hyena, although solitary in their habits, are quite social in their sleeping arrangements.  There may commonly be up to 12 hyena sharing a den. Once adults, these cubs will forage alone at night and return to a den during the day.   Much smaller than their spotted cousins, brown hyena are typically very shy and it is a privilege to see a youngster that is so confidant around vehicles.  These cubs will leave a den from about the age of 18 months, although a den site may be changed frequently to help keep the cubs parasite free.  Brown hyena are poor hunters and are mainly scavengers, feeding off bigger predators kills. They will supplement their diet with various types of vegetation.  This particular image was taken in the late morning when Mom brought the cubs out along with an older sibling, to enjoy the morning sun.

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