Message from our CEO

Dear Travel Partners, Our Molori Family, Guests and Friends

 To our travel partners and industry colleagues around the world who have been negatively impacted by COVID-19, we stand in unity with you during these tough times. 

To our guests who have experienced wonderful safaris at Molori Safari, we look forward to seeing you in the future.  To those guests who have had to postpone their travel to South Africa, we look forward to sharing our beautiful country and the Molori Safari experience with you soon.  Our plea to travellers is to postpone and not cancel.

We have closed Molori Safari for April but we have a small team of volunteer staff who are keeping the lodge maintained for future guests.  We will re-evaluate the global and local situation regularly.  Although South Africa is in a shut down, our team is available, working from home and ready to assist with all future bookings.

We will be sharing regular photos and videos from Molori Safari on our social media platforms to help take our minds off COVID-19 and to continue inspiring travellers to visit South Africa.

Be positive, supportive, kind and committed to the lockdowns taking place around the world. 

We will keep in touch.

Stay safe!

Annemarie Ichikowitz