Week 46 in Images …

its been strange week in Madikwe, we have had some very cold weather roll into the park and combined with a little rain have made most animals move a little less. The wilddogs have again been the center of the high profile sighting in the north east and for good reasons, with thier hunting routine being in the afternoon we have had great success in following them while out hunting. There is a few suspensions that the Impalas have started to lamb, no actual sightings yet, just a few indications that things are about to get very crazy in Madikwe in the coming weeks … Madikwe’s silly season is upon us!

Weeks Highs …

Highlight for the week was just having so many opportunities to get creative, we had multiple sighting of wilddogs and all our other animals moving a little fast than a normal walk. This allowed my guests and I to play with a variety of shutter speeds to different effects.

Weeks Low …

One of the wilddogs pasted away under natural circumstances, its hard to identify which one … these images are from the pack this dog was a part of.

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